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Car Rental Doha Airport

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Location information for Doha Airport

Doha Airport is located in Qatar and is also known as Doha International Airport as it handles predominately international flights from all over the world. The airport is an extremely modern place which has everything a passenger may require while in the terminal building.

The airport is located just east of the downtown area of the city. When exiting the airport many passengers will choose to use car rental in Doha Airport as a means of ground transportation. There are many good roads that exit the airport such as Ras Abu Abbourd Street.

The airport is located in one large terminal building which house everything a passenger may require. There are some great restaurants where you can find fast food, coffee and other snacks. There is a sitting area, a kids playground, clean toilets, ATM’s and information services too.

When exiting the airport passengers enjoy using car rental in Doha Airport as it saves time and money. However, if you do not use a car then other ways to travel include by limousine or by using hotel transfers if you have pre booked your hotel. There is no public bus service from the airport to the city center.

Cheap car rental in Doha Airport is readily available and can be found easily in the arrivals hall. There are a number of well known companies that offer top of the range vehicles at great prices. If you want to save more time on arrival advanced booking online or via phone is recommended.