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Location information for Taranto

Taranto is a seaside city in southern Italy, situated in the Apulia region. This is the Taranto province's capital city and is also a vitally important port, used for commerce, and is where the major Italian naval base is located. For tourists, a car rental in Taranto Downtown is the best way to tour.

Taranto has a long history which has survived into the present day. It has numerous historical sites that tourists can visit. The Aragonese Castle is in the Little Sea and was constructed during the 15th century. The castle was designed to protect this city from Turkish raids that occurred all too frequently.

As you would expect from a prosperous Italian town, the area has plenty to keep both locals and visitors entertained. There are many tours of major attractions on offer, or travelers can make their own way. Restaurants are exquisite and the local ones are quite affordable, providing delicious traditional Italian food. Car hire is also available and its quite easy to find a cheap car hire in Taranto Downtown.

If you hire a vehicle in this area, you will be able to create your own experience. It is safe and friendly to travel around these parts, with very friendly and helpful people. Just chat with some locals and they will tell you of areas that are missed from the tourist maps. With a car hire in Taranto Downtown, there are no restrictions to your travel and all insurances are automatically taken care of by agents.

Visitors should try to get into the older parts of the town, like Piazza Fontana, Madonna della Salute Sanctuary, Saint Domenico's church and old palazzis that are just like they were one thousand years ago. This is a picturesque town, with winding alleyways, tall arches and crafted stairwells. Visitors can still see the old craftsmen' workshops.