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Location information for Rimini

Rimini is a moderate-sized city within the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy. It is the capital city for the Provincial area of Rimini. This is amongst the most famous seaside resorts for all of Europe, it is even sometimes referred to as the 'Miami of Europe', due to the lovely 15 kms of sandy beaches and thousands of hotels, bars, discos and restaurants in the area.

The city is situated on the Adriatic Sea, right on the coastline and between the Marecchia River (Ariminus) and the Ausa River (Aprusa). Rimini is on the eastern coast, around 200 miles to the south of Venice. It comes under the Emilia Romagna region in northern Italy. Ravenna - the city known for its mosaics, the Le Marche region and San Marino are all close-by.

This area has a lot for visitors to see and do. It is the center of art for the country and has a deeply historical center containing Roman ruins, historical baths and museums. The seaside has a lively promenade that is just crammed with many styles of restaurants, nightclubs and hotels. Car hire in Rimini Downtown helps visitors here to get around without the inconvenience of public transportation.

Rimini is situated on the eastern coastal rail line, in-between Ancona and Venice. Buses from here also go out to Cesena, Ravenna and most local towns. However, buses and trains can get crowded and often run behind schedule. A cheap car hire in Rimini Downtown means that visitors can have the convenience of a car, without excessive costs.

Car rental in Rimini Downtown Allows visitors to get to places like the Rimini Terme, a fantastic thermal spa right near the sea. Treatment facilities include some four warmed salt water pools, a wellness center and many other services, all in a well set-up park complete with fitness trail and playground.