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Location information for Rapallo

Rapallo is a city within the Genoa province, Liguria, in northern Italy. A few years ago, a count up of the people resulted in a head count of around 34,000 inhabitants. The city is situated between Chiavari and Portofino. It is counted as a section of the Tigullio Gulf.

The weather here is moderate. The town center is generally fairly level, without too many hills. However, many villas are in the surrounding hills, which are immediately behind the city. This is because the hills protect them from the weather and strong northern winds. Rapallo railway station provides a direct line into the town, taxis are available too, but often a car rental in Rapallo Downtown works out to be more affordable and flexible.

While in town, try to get to the farmer's market. It is open most weekdays, selling the most astounding array of local fruits and vegetables. Alternatively, take a boat trip Portofino, to witness another style of living. The Castello sul Mare is another attraction that shouldn't be missed, constructed in 1551, it countered the many pirate attacks in the area.

To see these sites, there are local tours available, but these often work out more expensive than doing it yourself. By taking a car hire in Rapallo Downtown instead of taxis and touring these yourself, you can save a lot of money. There is no need to pay much, as there is plenty of cheap car hire in Rapallo Downtown.

With a car hire arranged, you can tour all the sights, like the Castello di Punta Pagana, the Tower of the Fieschi and also the historical Torre Civica, which dates back to 1473. A rare piece to see before you leave is the Porta delle Saline, which is the only gate that is still standing from the ancient walls.