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Location information for Pordenone

Pordenone is a northeast Italian province, commune and city located in the region known as Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The compact-sized city seems bigger than it really is and houses more than 50,000 residents. The main interest of this city for Americans is Pordenone’s close distance to Aviano Air Base and the lively nightlife scene, eateries, hotels, retail outlets and attractions. Cheap car hire in Pordenone Downtown is widely available.

Casa Bianca is one of the city’s most reputed restaurants serving affordably-priced dinner and lunch. Tourists should not forget to sample the mouth-watering pizza known as “Pizza Carbonara”, which is toppled with various cheeses, bacon, Italian sauce and in the middle a sunnyside up egg. Another great restaurant, positioned near the airbase, is Aviano Inn. Be sure to try their penne carbonara and lasagne!

Those travelers wishing to explore the surrounding area of the city can make reservations for car rental in Pordenone Downtown. Since prehistoric times the city and its surrounding area has been inhabited. In several localities traces of ancient settlements have been discovered. The impressive abbey at Sesto al Reghena dates back to the 8th century.

Before the 10th century Pordenone was already inhabited, which is explained by the presence of the ancient necropolis under the Palazzo Ricchieri that was last year brought to light. During the 12th century the city became an important commercial centre, mainly due to the harbor on the Noncello River. Car hire in Pordenone Downtown offers the best means of transport enjoying some historical tours.

Pordenone’s domestic appliance industry remains one of Europe’s finest. There are several medium-sized and small industries to be found in the town’s neighboring areas as well. Some of the most significant include the furniture industry in Pasiano, Prata and Brugnera as well as the cutlery of Maniago. Throughout the region visitors can see the production of handicrafts.