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Car Rental Peschiera del Garda

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Location information for Peschiera del Garda

About 20 miles west of the well-known Italian city of Verona lies the picturesque town of Peschiera del Garda. Also in the province of Veneto, Peschiera del Garda sits on southern shore of Laka Garda. History and scenery are two of the biggest draws to this beautiful city and visitors will want every chance to tour not just Peschiera del Garda but also the area around the lake.

Car rental in Peschiera del Garda provides the maximum flexibility, letting tourists set their own itineraries. With a car, you are free to roam the shores of Lake Garda and visit many regional attractions. The fortified city played a prominent role in most military campaigns undertaken in Northern Italy from the 15th century onwards.

With car hire at Peschiera del Garda, you’ll be able to take leisurely drives through the almost continuous ring of small towns and villages that surrounds Lake Garda. Heading north, you’ll quickly reach the mountainous regions of Northern Italy. Many other great destinations can easily be reached on the E70 Euroroute, which runs just to the south of Peschiera del Garda.

The cities of Brescia, Verona and Mantova are all within easy driving distance from Peschiera del Garda. Longer drives, which can be undertaken using cheap car hire at Peschiera del Garda, will bring you such wonderful cities as Padova, Venice, Bergamo and Milan.

While in this part of Italy, which is extremely popular with tourists from both Italy and around the world, you will find little trouble finding most amenities. Lodging is available in a wide range of budgets. The dining is superb, with a range of local and regional cuisines available in most places.