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Location information for Ostia

The Romans were good when came to infrastructure and when they built Rome they also built a harbor for their fleet. This was Ostia and the ancient city harbor remains today as a district of Rome. Archaeologists are keen to see the site, and for tourists this is on the agenda of Rome remains.

The car hire in Ostia Downtown is one way of getting around and seeing the local sights, the city of Rome and further places further afield. Many city dwellers from Rome spend their weekends and public holidays on the beach at Lido de Ostia, and this may be a good time to take the car rental in Ostia Downtown for a trip out of the city.

Local beaches and resorts get quite busy, making an inland excursion to see an alternative aspect from the capital. There is great direct access to Ostia, with Rome Airport the Leonardo de Vinci Airport close by.

From the airport there is a shuttle bus, or a one of the taxi services can take incoming passengers directly to the location to collect the cheap car hire in Ostia Downtown. Staying in Ostia is also a good choice as it is away from the busy centre but close enough to commute by car or metro train.

Hotels in Ostia cover all the price ranges and offers the benefit of a sea breeze and a walk down along the promenade front. Rome is the most famous city for remains of the great empire, summed up by the magnificent Rome Coliseum.