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Location information for Modena

Modena, an ancient and beautiful city in the north of Italy, is well-known with many tourists for history, beautiful architecture and exotic automobiles. Whether your heart lusts after art, history, architecture, learning, automobiles, food or culture, you are unlikely to be disappointed by a trip to Modena.

Modena sits in the middle of northern Italy, in the region called Emilia-Romagna. This ancient town is the heart of an area of Italy known as the ‘Land of Engines’. In this part of Italy, a nation already famous for automobiles, the passion of car design and construction is in the blood of all locals.

What finer way to explore this part of Italy than to exploit the range of cheap car hire in Modena Downtown? With your own set of wheels, you have the freedom to visit any number of sites in and around this fantastic community. Bear in mind, however, that traffic in the center of the town can be quite heavy. You may want to restrict your driving to other parts of Modena and the surrounding countryside.

Modena is or has been home to a huge range of famous people, buildings, arts, foods and sciences. Both traditional and modern cultures are fostered in this advanced city, which combines a rich history with up-to-date transport, sports facilities and educational institutions. Car rental in Modena Downtown is an ideal way to see everything the city has to offer.

You will definitely want to make sure you enjoy the food in Modena. The town is home tortelloni - a fine pasta creation, parmesan cheese and Lambrusco wine, among other culinary delights. Nothing beats a rustic picnic of wine, bread and cheese in the Italian countryside. Limit your wine intake and you can even do this with car hire in Modena Downtown.