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Car Rental Airlie Beach

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Location information for Airlie Beach

Situated in Queensland's Whitsunday Region is the town of Airlie Beach, a notable destination for its beaches, lagoons, and for being one of the many gateways to the Great Barrier Reef. Together with Whitsunday and Proserpine, Airlie Beach boasts an ideal tropical climate and a laid-back lifestyle which tourists and residents love.

Airlie Beach is a known tourist destination in Australia and it is also notably popular among backpackers. While the beach is smaller than other popular Australian beaches, visitors can still enjoy the waters of the lagoon in case the beach gets crowded or inhabited by jellyfish between November and May.

Downtown Airlie Beach is vibrant with a stunning waterfront and a range of places to eat and buy souvenirs. Services like car hire in Airlie Beach Downtown can also be arranged for more convenience in visiting places beyond the town center.

The town center is navigable on foot but cheap car hire in Airlie Beach Downtown should be arranged when planning to visit far-off destinations. Conway National Park is easily accessible from the downtown area while other places like Proserpine and Mount Pluto are accessible in about 35 to 40 minutes.

Travelers often fly to the Proserpine Airport so they can arrive in Airlie Beach downtown. There are also train services to Proserpine while coaches from Brisbane can stop at Airlie Beach itself. When you arrive in town, you can immediately claim your car rental in Airlie Beach Downtown if you book in advance over the internet.