Also known as London Victoria, Victoria Station is one of the largest stations in the whole of London. People travel here from all over the United Kingdom in order to explore England’s capital city, and those who book in advance will be able to collect car rental in Victoria Station as soon as they arrive.

Victoria Station can be found in central London, in the region commonly referred to as the City of Westminster. The station is extremely busy at peak commuter times, as a large number of people choose to live just outside of London where rents are cheaper and commute to work each day.

One of the best things about London Victoria is that there is no end to the amenities that can be found here. While several companies that offer cheap car rental in Victoria Station have branches here, there are also plenty of other businesses to be found, including an excellent selection of shops.

A wide range of branches of popular high street shops can be found here, from Boots to W H Smith. Those who are in search of something to eat will also find fast food franchises such as Burger King, while food carts offer snack items such as muffins.

While Victoria Station is connected to the rest of London via the underground and overground train networks, travelling around London by public transportation can be rather costly. Those in the know tend to opt for car rental in Victoria Station, which allows them the freedom to roam wherever they choose.