Prestwick Airport is sometimes referred to as the Glasgow Prestwick Airport as it serves the Greater Glasgow area. The airport derives its name from its location just two kilometers from the town of Prestwick. The airport terminal was opened in 1934, and these days it is the largest airport in Scotland in terms of physical size.

A number of flights arrive and depart at Prestwick Airport each day. Both domestic and international passenger services are provided by four airlines, including Ryanair and Flybe. All airlines use the common check-in facilities located inside the main passenger terminal.

Passengers can enjoy some delicious meals at the various coffee shops and restaurants inside the passenger terminal of Prestwick Airport. There are also plenty of retail outlets that sell a variety of souvenirs, gifts, magazines, newspapers and daily essentials. You will also find car rental in Prestwick Airport should you need to organize ground transportation at your final destination.

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Glasgow is a fascinating city, and visitors arriving at Prestwick Airport will find that all of the op attractions and activities are right on their doorstep. Car rental in Prestwick Airport is on hand to take care of your transportation needs, allowing you to head into the city as soon as possible and enjoy all of the great sights and attractions.