A township located some 22 kilometers from Madrid, Tres Cantos is also considered a satellite city of Spain’s capital. It lies near the northern outskirts of Madrid, and is bordered by the magnificent Guadarrama mountain range. It is an ideal base for exploring the neighboring Madrid, and other surrounding areas. Cheap car rental in Madrid – Tres Cantos is conveniently available from various companies serving the town.

Before going out to see the wonders of Spain’s bustling capital city, visitors could also drive a car rental in Madrid – Tres Cantos to explore some attractive sites and must see attractions around the township.

Tres Cantos is home to a couple of interesting landmarks like the Santa Teresa Church and the imposing Water Tower, while attractive and peaceful avenues are also worth a wander, like the tree-lined Encuartes Avenue and the Avenuda de Colemnar Viejo.

Getting out of the town to see Madrid is easy with car rental in Madrid – Tres Cantos. More attractive places can be visited in the city, starting from the El Retiro Park, which is the largest and most picturesque in the city, home to a wide range of natural spots, as well as landmarks like the Crystal Palace.

Madrid is also famous for its golden triangle of museums, as well as its massive cathedrals, old houses, castles and large set town squares, surrounded by different facets of culture and history.