Glasgow Airport is also referred to as Glasgow International Airport. It is a public airport that serves as the major gateway into Glasgow. It is the second busiest air terminal in Scotland, and is also the UK’s eighth busiest airport as well. It was first opened back in 1932.

Both international and domestic flights are offered to passengers at Glasgow Airport. Each year, approximately 7.2 million passengers pass through the airport terminal gates on flights bound for Europe, America and the Middle East. A number of leading airlines, such as Emirates, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic operate out of the airport terminal.

Glasgow Airport offers all of the top quality services and facilities that you would expect at a modern international airport. Passengers will find a good variety of food outlets, shops, coffee shops and gift shops. You can also find car rental in Glasgow Airport if you need to pre-arrange ground transportation at your final destination.

Getting to the airport’s passenger terminal is not a difficult task thanks to cheap car rental in Glasgow Airport. Arriving passengers can find a reliable vehicle at one of the many quality providers of rental vehicles and then drive themselves into the city. Buses are also offered, but these tend not to be as convenient as driving yourself.

There are many top attractions in Glasgow that visitors can check out. Visit the many historical buildings and castles situated throughout the city and its nearby surrounds. You can also take a look at the excellent museums and galleries of the city. Car rental in Glasgow Airport will take care of all of your transportation needs during your stay.