Found in the county of Kent, Dover is an important harbor and a beautiful coastal city that has been popular with visitors for many years now. The city faces France across the English Channel and enjoys a strategic location nearby a number of other popular cities in England.

There is some beautiful natural scenery on offer in Dover. Many visitors to the city enjoy making use of the car rental in Dover East Docks and going for a drive along the coast to take in the breathtaking ocean scenery. There are also some stunning parks and gardens located throughout the city that are well worth a look.

Dover is also a historical city, and a number of beautiful old buildings dot the city. One place you should not miss is the magnificent Dover Castle, which is located at the end of Castle Street. A number of other houses and public buildings display some fine architecture. Cheap car rental in Dover East Docks is a good way to get around and see all of these buildings.

Visitors should also take the chance to head down to the East Docks area where there are some beautiful restaurants along the harbor. This area is particularly popular in the evening when friends and families come out to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and delicious food.

The best way to move about the city is to drive yourself. A great way to secure a reliable vehicle for your stay is car rental in Dover East Docks. Not only is it affordable, but it is easy to organize as well. A variety of providers are on hand to provide you with some excellent deals.