Bournemouth Airport is situated approximately 6.5 kilometers to the northeast of the city of Bournemouth. It previously went by the names of Bournemouth International Airport, and before that, Hurn Airport. The airport was first opened in 1941 to serve as an air force base, but then became a commercial passenger airport in the 1950s.

There are nine airlines that operate flights in and out of Bournemouth Airport. A number of international services connect passengers to various destinations in Europe, There is also a large choice of domestic flights on offer as well. Bournemouth Airport has around 800,000 passengers pass through its terminal per year.

There are amply facilities and services at Bournemouth Airport to keep passengers entertained and comfortable during their time in the passenger terminal. There are some delicious eateries, as well as some interesting gift shops that are ideal for last-minute souvenir shopping. Car rental in Bournemouth Airport is also available.

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Many visitors come to Bournemouth to enjoy its beautiful coastline. A great way to get around is by car, so make sure you take advantage of car rental in Bournemouth Airport as soon as you arrive. You will then be able to go for a drive and enjoy all of the great sights and attractions of this stunning city.