Bath Spa Station is the main railway station in the famous city of Bath. It is one of the main gateways into the city for both tourists and business travelers alike. The station building is itself a historical building that dates back to 1840 and features some stunning architecture.

There are a number of inter-city services that arrive and depart regularly at Bath Spa Station. These services connect passengers to important cities such as London and Cardiff. Services between Bath and Edinburgh have also recently started to operate as well. Advanced ticket reservations can be made at the ticket office inside the main terminal building.

There are plenty of restaurants and retail outlets inside the main terminal of Bath Spa Station. Passengers will find a choice of hot and cold snacks and beverages if they get hungry. Car rental in Bath Spa Station is also available to passengers who need road transportation.

Getting to the main terminal at Bath Spa Station is easy as there are a number of trains and buses that can take you directly there. Cheap car rental in Bath Spa Station is another good option if you need to get around town as well as get to the station.

Arriving at the station will mean that you’re perfectly placed to head out and explore the famous baths and the many historical buildings of the city. Car rental in Bath Spa Station is a good idea for anyone wanting to tour the city and enjoy all of the best attractions here.